Lynn Taylor, workplace expert, speaker, advisor and creator of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™

Lynn Taylor, workplace expert, speaker & bestselling author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™

The Trusted Workplace™

Corporate trust will become an increasingly significant issue in the next decade. This will be an outgrowth of a more skeptical society after the banking misdeeds and Great Recession of 2008; increasing reports of corporate cyber attacks; and ever-increasing reliance on non-human commerce (automation and robots).

Consequently, trusting in senior management, customers, vendors and other stakeholders will take center stage. The growth of social media puts ever-growing pressure on companies to ensure they “do the right thing.”

Adding to the mix are anti-bullying, gender pay parity and other legislation in a growing number of states. They’re just two examples of how companies can increasingly become unwitting legal targets in the future, spiking legal and insurance costs. Taking proactive steps to create an emotionally intelligent and Trusted Workplace culture isn’t just good PR; it’s become integral to corporate competitiveness, innovation, performance and even economic survival.

According to a 1/16 corporate study by PwC, “Over half the CEOs surveyed (55%) are concerned about the lack of trust in business today – compared with 37% just three years ago. The Edelman Trust Barometer 2015 also showed that public levels of trust in business in 2015 had declined to the lowest level since 2008 – and that CEOs were seen as among the least credible sources of information.” The study also noted the growth of brands that support a commitment to sustainability, further underscoring the growing desire to associate with companies that exude integrity.

A humanized, trusted workplace ensures that a company is a better employer, business partner and investment, amid an increasingly skeptical and automated society. As workplace culture has impacted a company’s ability to literally survive, Lynn is able to apply the relevance of these trends to your enhanced corporate performance.

A trusted workplace will help you:

  • Attract and keep the industry’s best talent
  • Tap the full potential of your workforce
  • Master your ability to invigorate your team
  • Turn around high turnover

To find out more about on-site corporate workshops on how to establish and sustain a Trusted Workplace™, click here.

Leadership Training

Lynn Taylor has been a lecturer and guest speaker for Fortune 500 companies, professional service firms, startups, HR professionals, universities and industry association across all industries, for more than 20 years. Her topics have included: how to create a humanized productive workplace; brand your company and yourself; the empowered career, the college graduate career outlook, and many more.

Lynn has coached hundreds of executives at multinational companies on crafting a focused message for employees, customers, shareholders and news media.

“A core passion of mine is to help companies find and live their unique selling proposition (USP). For employers, this helps attract, motivate and retain the best talent,” she says.

A mass communications major at New York University, Lynn learned early on the importance of branding your company and even yourself, powerfully, consistently and memorably. She worked at the world’s largest marketing communications firm, then at two of the world’s largest recruitment firms for a combined 14 years.

As the top strategic marketing executive and workplace research VP at Robert Half International, Lynn was widely quoted for 12 years on her insights into workplace attitudes in national media. She also was instrumental in the creative launch of several HR and career related “For Dummies…” books, before founding Lynn Taylor Consulting.

“I believe that by establishing a brand that supports a humanized workplace and culture, your organization will thrive,” Lynn says. It’s the antithesis of what she calls the TOT Zone. Lynn addresses the humanized workplace in the management section of her book on mitigating boss/employee conflict, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant; How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior & Thrive in Your Job, an Amazon bestseller for seven consecutive years.

Below are some of the topics Lynn can offer your company through in-person workshops:

  • The Trusted Workplace™ – How it’s defined, how to establish and sustain it.
  • The Humanized Workplace – Making your company “safe for success,” where your team takes smart risks and innovates.
  • 20 culprits of interpersonal conflict and how to avoid them
  • Becoming a TOT-free Zone; how to prevent high turnover and attract the best people
  • How multi-generational sensitivities equate to a healthier bottom line
  • Bullying and new legislation; bullying is the tipping point and gateway to broader lawsuits: age, race, religious and gender discrimination and worker’s compensation. Why emotional intelligence training matters.
  • Hiring for the next decade; what kind of talent will you need to compete?