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Lynn Taylor | Producer, Screenwriter, Author Spotlight

Welcome to! Lynn has a unique blend of humor, creativity and years of experience with her subject matter expertise: the workplace. After reviewing her widely acclaimed 5-minute, humorous film short and script, a renowned producer team with nearly 100 dramatic television credits, said: “Lynn has a unique gift and jaw-dropping skills that virtually guarantee her success in anything she puts her hand to.”

According to a leading Los Angeles, CA-based script coverage company, ranking Taylor's screenplay a “Consider,” TOT! (Terrible Office Tyrant) is: “A heartwarming romantic comedy with a good visual hook and likeable characters. TOT! is a fun, visually interesting story built upon a smart premise.”

This site is designed to give you a peek of Lynn’s exciting upcoming feature film – a truly never-before conceived parody on today’s workplace. The subject matter is close to Lynn’s heart.  She is an author and has been a renowned media spokesperson, workplace expert and lecturer for more than 15 years; an executive producer of national TV commercials with celebrity talent; producer of countless video productions; an executive at a $4 billion firm and the creative force behind several workplace-related For Dummies books, all the while injecting her signature brand of humor. Lynn has recently completed her book, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT)!. To learn more about Terrible Office Tyrants and how to deal with them, visit

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